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About Bhairamgarh

Bhairamgarh is one of the important towns in Bijapur District of Chhattisgarh state. It is headquarter of Bhairamgarh Tehsil, one of the four tehsils of Bijapur District. For last one decade or so the town has become synonymous with local wildlife sanctuary which has certainly helped in giving fair amount of recognition to this small town. More about this wildlife Park and some of the important aspects of this town have been comprehensively covered below.

About Bhairamgarh
Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Administration in Bhairamgarh

As mentioned in above paragraph Bhairamgarh is administrative headquarter of Bhairamgarh Tehsil. There are total 57 Gram Panchayats in Bhairamgarh Tehsil, with Bhairamgarh town obviously having its own gram Panchayat. Mr. Abbas Ali is the current CEO of Bhairamgarh Gram Panchayat. Elections for these Gram Panchayats are held once in every five year. District Collector of Bijapur District is the most important local administrator in the entire district. The current District Collector of Bijapur District is Mr. Yashwant Kumar. Mr. Yashwant Kumar is duly assisted by host of other officers to discharge his duties effectively.

District Magistrate & Collector
Mr. Yashwant Kumar, IAS
District Bijapur - 494444.
Phone No. - (07853) 220022 (O), 220398 (R), 220019 (Fax)
E-mail :

Economy of Bhairamgarh

Bhairamgarh economy is dependent on agricultural sector for its sustenance. Besides agriculture, local people here are also dependent on local forest industry for their livelihood. As for industrial sector is concerned, then situation on the front of industrial sector is absolutely dismal. Let alone in Bhairamgarh, there is no extensive presence of industries in entire Bijapur district as such. Besides, service sector also has very minimal role to play in Bhairamgarh’s local economy. Overall, due to all the obvious reasons Bhairamgarh’s economy revolves around traditional agricultural sector and minuscule forest industry.

Healthcare Services in Bhairamgarh

Owing to its economically backwardness Bhairamgarh region does not boosts a very reliable healthcare infrastructure. All it boosts is just handful numbers of government funded healthcare centers and decent numbers of clinics & chemist shops. Besides, town has either very minimal or absolute no presence of pathological labs and diagnostic centers. This precarious and unstable situation obviously compels local patients to look to other major cities for quality treatment. These alternative cities mostly include Jagdalpur, Bilaspur and Raipur.

Maharani Hospital
Address: Opposite Chandni Chowk, Jagdalpur HO, Jagdalpur – 494001
Phone no: +(91)-7782-222609

Bastar Seva Hospital
Address: Gandhi Nagar Ward, Near Bus Stand Road, Near Indira Gandhi Stadium, Jagdalpur HO, Jagdalpur – 494001
Phone no: +(91)-9425261452

Vivekananda Tribal Hospital
Address: Dharampura. Jagdalpur HO, Jagdalpur – 494001
Phone no: +(91)-7782-229330

Transportation in Bhairamgarh

Public transportation in Bhairamgarh merely compromises of decent numbers of auto rickshaws plying across the town. There are no local bus services or private cab services in the town. In fact Bhairamgarh town does not even have a local Railway station. The nearest railway station is Jagdalpur Railway Station. However, via road Bhairamgarh town is connected to quite a few important cities like Bijapur, Jagdalpur and Raipur cities.

Banks in Bhairamgarh

Barring one or two nationalized banks, there are literally no other reputed banks in entire Bhairamgarh town. Owing to their absence small and private money lenders continue to enjoy unabated domination in this part of the world. This fact, however, does not hold better future for this region. That’s because traditional money lenders and small micro finance institutions can never revolutionize financial services like reputed banks can. So hopefully this town will witness entry of few reputed banks in near future.

State Bank Of India
Address: Bhairamgarh, Tehsil : Bhairamgarh, Dist: Bijapur
Phone no: 07789-281232
Micro code: 494002107

Tourist Destinations in Bhairamgarh

The main and sole attraction of the region is Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Although is not located exactly in the heart of Bhairamgarh town, but quite a distance from it. Speaking specifically about Wildlife Park, then it was established only in only in 1983 to capitalize on immensely rich flora and fauna of the surrounding region. In that sense Bhairamgarh wildlife Park is relatively less old than rest of other wildlife parks of our country. However, despite this fact every year decent numbers of tourists do visit this wildlife park. Here you’ll find Wild Buffalo, Nilgai, Sambar, Gaur, Barking Deer, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Jackel and also quite a few tigers and panthers. Among all these Wild Buffalo is found in huge numbers and they are by far the greatest attraction of this wildlife park. Besides, here you’ll also find different bird species like Darters, Wood Peckers, Peacocks, Jungle Fowls, Green Pigeons, Quails, Parrots etc.

Talking about flora, then here you’ll find unique types of shrubs and trees that you may find nowhere else. Besides, surrounding lush greenery and mangroves also reflect rich flora of this wildlife forest.
Best time to visit: Best time to visit Bhairamgarh wildlife Park is November to June. During this period flora and fauna of this forest sanctuary really comes on its own.

Chhattisgarh Tourism Board,
Paryatan Bhavan, G. E. Road,
Chhattisgarh – 492 006
Phone: +91 771 42 24600
Fax: +91 771 4066425

How to Reach Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary ?

Nearest railway station is Jagdalpur Railway Station, while nearest bus stand is Dantewada Bus Station. In case if you’re traveling via flight then take a flight to Raipur Airport. From there you’ll have to take a private bus or car to reach Bhairamgarh wildlife Park.

Police in Bhairamgarh

The entire Bijapur District – including Bhairamgarh town – comes under red corridor zone. In India any region or town that faces considerable naxal insurgency problems is classified as red corridor zone. Bijapur District’s painful tryst with Naxal insurgents has been continuing since many decades now, which has resulted in death of many precious lives. That said, more often than not law and order situation in main town of Bhairamgarh continues to remain normal. Local people continue to go about their work without any worry whatsoever. Besides, Bhairamgarh’s local police station works tirelessly to ensure that local people feel absolutely safe and secure.

Supritendent of Police, Bijapur
Mr. K. L. Dhruwe
Tel: 07853220152, 07853220392, 07853220246
Mobile: 94791-94400

Bhairamgarh Police Station
07789 – 281237, 94791&94409

Bhairamgarh at a glance

Country: India
State: Chhattisgarh
District: Bijapur
Population: Approximately 9,026 – 2011 census
Pin code: 494450
District: Bijapur

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